Rain (again): Sebuah Kontemplasi

Yeah, ini hanya sebuah coretan yang dimaksudkan untuk kembali menapaki alasan kenapa saya menulis Rain. Mohon maaf, saya tengah terjangkit writer’s block akut sehingga belum bisa update (yang sebenarnya saya janjikan bulan Oktober kemarin). Semoga dengan melakukan ini saya bisa kembali termotivasi untuk merangkai kata puitis nan magis (?). Aamiin.

So what is this Rain-thingy thing, everyone?

Basically Rain is another Hunter x Hunter fanfic about Kurapika who try to cooperate with Kuroro Lucifer in order to find all of Kuruta’s fiery red eyes. Written on Indonesian language, Rain becoming my biggest writing project so far. For you who kinda interested with this pair and love the dark stories with some sort of psychological thriller element, you can directly hit this link and start reading. Don’t forget to give your review. I HIGHLY recommended it, dear humble readers.

One of the main reasons why I decided to write Rain and portray the characters like they are now, is because I want to show that human can choose their own way to show love or feeling to their important ones. We are basically thought that people who love us will show affection or offer sweet talks, but not everyone can express their form of love like that. Take an easy example, Kuroro – he choose to tease Kurapika all the time instead of doing nice things to him, or Cain – who choose to show his feeling for Meredith with brutally imprisoning her from the outside world. We often seeing everything just from one perspective – our perspective, so why don’t try to look it from the other side too?

Another main reasons why I decided to write Rain:
1. Everything happens for a reason.
2. People act mean or bad because they’re hurting inside.
Through the characters that seems quite psychopathic, I want to deliver the feelings that they’re also human beings too – they’re just got different perspectives when it comes to how they’re viewing the world. Maybe they’ll act differently from what’s called ‘normal’ – even they’ll try hard enough to fulfill what society wants and fake themselves, but that doesn’t mean we have to push them away or hate them or against them or feel superior towards them. They’re human too, and we just need to listen more!  Yeah, maybe that’s because I’m a Psychology major student too, so it seems quite normal for me to see people that way. Chill, no offense for you who came from different major, or from different perspectives.

I already talked on my Rain Instagram account (@rainfanfic, which I think will be doomed soon) about how I chose colours that portrayed the boys’ personality. I picked black for Kuroro and white for Kurapika. Why black and white? For me, black represents the dark side of human being, while white represents the bright one. That’s the reason why I portrayed Kurapika as a person who really attached to normative things and Kuroro really don’t give a slightest care about that. And, maybe this is a little bit too personal, but what I think is, sometimes human have to ‘fake’ themselves and hide or even ignore their ‘real’ selves in order to be accepted by the society. Kurapika and Kuroro also standing for that undeniably fact.

I think every single human being got to deal with their ‘light’ and ‘dark’ side in order to live their life and overcome their problems. That’s what happened to me too. Honestly, writing Rain is one of my way to let the both sides communicate each other, so I can compromise the dark side of me. But, these days, I feel like the dark side slowly starts to come up to the surface and that scares me, a lot. I think that’s one of the reasons why I keep getting those writer’s block because the usual pathway that I’ve been used to let the both sides understand each other is probably destroyed. I think I have to get my mood back as soon as possible so I can start to write Rain again and finish it like a gentleman. Oh, and there is such a harsh comment tho, which ruined my mood like a damn motherf*cking roller coaster.

So, I see ya on the next post, or maybe the 18th chapter. Hope I can survive. Thank you for stay with me ‘till these far, readers.  Sorry for disappointed you.


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