Sleeping Cat :3


Sleeping Cat :3

Photo and edit by me (using Photoscape).

Aww… she’s so cute, isn’t she? 😀

Last night, she was meowing continuously outside my door, and until now she’s still around this house. Quite big ears she got, not like the other cats I ever seen.

She’s soooooo damn hyperactive! Jumping around, eating the food all over the floor, playing everywhere and with anything (she likes broom, I guess), going to the ‘bathroom’ (if you know what I mean), and the last… sleeping on my lap. Ooh… I feel like I’m her mother ❤

And I still don’t have a name for her. But according to this time, I will call her ‘Nacchan’. How’s that sounds?

P.S: ‘Nacchan’ comes from ‘Nana’ = seven in Japanese, and ‘-chan’. Why ‘seven’? Because today is a good day that related to that kind of number. Haha… guess what 🙂


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