Adore Becomes Envy. And Envy Makes Me Galau ._.

Okay, for those friends who had been my friend in Twitter, maybe you saw I mention this on my account in the past time. And, it’s true. I still feel galau until now. Terribly g-a-l-a-u.

Note: I don’t know what is ‘galau’ in English. Maybe ‘shocking soul’, ‘shocking feeling’, or something like that? =___=;

I never felt this feeling before. On the past time, I think galau just wasting our time. ‘Ngapain sih galau-galau?’, that was came on my mind when I heard my friend galau.

But now, the effect comes against me. That damn galau feeling.

Let’s talk about that person, the person who is the only one who can makes me feel galau like this. She’s so perfect in my eyes. I think she can do anything better than me. I’m nothing compared to her.

Yeah, I adore her. I ADORE her so much! I love her work. I viewing her Facebook page almost everyday. I don’t know if I look like stalker or not. Whatever.

And then comes that damn envy feelings. I know I must let them vanished, or that feelings will ruin my soul into piece. That’s not her fault to have all intelligence like that, it’s my fault who can persuade my emotion.

The top of that is… everything turns into galau. One thing that interfere my mind is I am scare that galau will ruin my life too. Oh yes, even if I adore someone SO MUCH, I still have my own life.

I don’t know how to finish this problem. Anyone can help me? ._.

P.S: Sorry for any grammatical error. I try to use English just because of HER.

4 thoughts on “Adore Becomes Envy. And Envy Makes Me Galau ._.

  1. i don’t know that “the icy girl” like maya can feel galau, hohoho *escape as fast as i can if i wanna still alive

    woooww, who is she? she must be so perfect coz she even can make you so envy. I imagine that person must be my GF “tiffany alvord” (bletak). Yeah maybe i don’t know exactly how do you feel, but i know a little bit about being envy to “perfect” persom that i can’t ever be like him

    the only thing that makes me keep standing is hiruma’s quote “trash beat the genius is something ordinary”

    • ‘The icy girl’? Okay, I think that’s better than ‘the refrigerator girl’ or ‘the air conditioner girl’… #slapped
      You want to know who is she? I’ll tell you in the school later. Remind me, please.
      Anyway, there is a big difference, you feel envy to him (I think I know who exactly he is), and you HATE him. But to me, I adore this person so much! So seeing her further and further than me makes me irritated. I know I must eliminate all these damn feelings and start to thank God of all He already gave to me, but I can’t. And everything makes me galau. I told my problem to several peoples. They gave me some opinions, but unfortunately it doesn’t work at all 😦

      • hmmmm, as i said i don’t exactly how do you feel. ok may i guees hwo is she?
        first you said you used english because of her so she must be a girl who usually use english

        you said she is perfect and i guees she is “science 10” coz almost all of perfect girls in there

        and you’ve said about work, so she must be someone who in exschool or school organisation

        my guess she is “oktari” am i wrong? *i must be wrong

  2. Noooo… not those girls from ‘eleven science 10’. I never feel envy to them, just because… actualy I can enter that class if I not went to the social. But, yeah, I didn’t feel regret, because I already decided it.

    And, she is not Oktari. Absolutely not. Unfortunately, she is the one girl that you don’t know.

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