Cosplay Experiment: Gumi from Vocaloid (Sandplay ~Singing of the Dragon~ Version) / 16-04-2012

Me as Gumi (Sandplay version).

Photo by myself, my mother, and my sister.

Edit by me (using Photoscape).

And… here is the extra one XD

Special thanks (kayak lagi dapat award aja…)
– Allah SWT, my God. Kalau nggak, project ini bakalan mustahil terlaksana, tentu saja.
– My family and my friends. Especially for my mother ^^
– Kak Lufi (wig + styling-nya sugoii! XD)
– Kak Irda (jahitannya sasuga! Kakak ini juga yang jahit kostum cosu-ku yang Len-Rin versi SoE)
– Cici di Sambas yang ngasih tau letak toko kain yang murah. Sori nggak jadi jahit di sana 😦

Sorry if I destroyed the character’s image ._.

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